Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gyaru Heritage: Buriteri (○゜ε^○)

Gyaru would have never been what it is today without Buriteri. She was the queen of gal and the inspiration for the modern styles.Her name, originating from the jet black soy sauce used on yellow tail fish, caught everyone's attention.

In 1999, rumor had it that in the underground life of Shibuya, a girl had created her own insane and original style. Egg magazine immediately started searching for her. Buriteri was found in club Pylon, in Shibuya. She was wearing gigantic platform boots that made her stand 6 feet tall! Compared to most japanese girls, that's enormous!

Buriteri actually revolutionized gyaru make-up. Girls were getting darker and darker so foundation was getting too light for there skin. Thanks to her, gals started using max factor NW 55, foundation intended for a black woman.

The magazine started using her pictures in photo spreads, calling her a fashion revolution of the new millennium.She was often seen with a group of 3 followers, including Yuka Mizuno., who was friends with her from before. This is what she had to say :
"After we first became friends, we used to meet in front of First Kitchen on Center Street. We'd just stand around and watch people go by, sometimes for as long as 20 hours at a time. Eventually, we decided to put a mat on the ground and sit down. We never noticed that everyone was scared of use because of the way we look. We were too busy trading beauty secrets."

Buriteri never showed her face without make. " Even at a sleepover the only thing she would take off is her eyelashes. After taking a shower, she would spend 2 to 3 hours in the bathroom doing her makeup. We would bang on the door if we had  to go pee. She would always shout back that she was too embarrassed and shy to show her real face." She was actually a really shy person.

Later on, Buriteri became a spokes model for Blackies tanning salon. She was last seen woring at a clothing store. She  was so different! Her skin turned from black to snow white!

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